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Phantom Feeling


Three artists. Three mediums. One wall.

Part live performance, part projection mapping show, Phantom Feeling pushes live mural art far beyond the confines of the concrete. Combining cutting edge projection mapping technology with live sound design and traditional spray paint, Phantom Feeling creates the illusion of a single artist painting in three mediums at once.


Samuel Wilkinson | Visual Artist

Sam is a 21-year-old artist from Brisbane, Australia and can’t really remember the last time he wasn’t creating something, or had a vision to pull ideas from his head and put them onto paper/walls. His work is influenced by his daily intake of the internet, the people that surround him, his past, the future and everything in between. Through his work Sam strives to fabricate something that can be seen by the viewer on numerous occasions and enjoyed in alternative ways on each visit. He believes that through the use of new technology he will be able to achieve this.

Online: @thatprettyphlako

 Andrew Mckinnon aka Makcheese | Sound Designer, Composer

Andrew is a music producer and sound engineer. He is also the founding member of Brisbane purveyors of fine beats –

Online: Desmond Cheese.

 Josh Wilkinson | Producer

Josh is an international award winning sound designer and owner of Burrow Studios in Brisbane, Australia. His work has been showcased at Australia’s largest festivals including Vivid Sydney and Woodford Folk Festival. 2017 sees Josh embark on a 3-month internship at Greenhouse Studios in Iceland, before returning to deliver projects for Vivid and continue production work at his studio.


 Patrick Shirley | Projection, Animation

A projection designer and builder of all things technological, Patrick has an interest in making cool things and has been doing so for as long as he can remember. From building scale interactive projections to hand held laser cut zoetropes, if it’s interesting and involves digital art, Patrick is into it.