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ReForm: Art in Public Spaces


Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) with support from QUT Precincts and Creative Industries Faculty presents ReForm: Art in Public Spaces. 

ReForm extends the idea of street art to art and creative intervention in public spaces, with a focus on short-term installations, creative interventions, ephemeral light

works, and interactive & participatory works. ReForm is a QUT focused program with content from current QUT students, recent graduates, staff and alumni. It provides

an opportunity for the presentation of works in unique public spaces and engages with BSAF’s broad community base.

Reform Artists

Bronte Billman

Georgia Fronis

Stephanie Mckinnon

Benjamin Pierce

Elizabeth Sheppard

Kurt Longland

Jordan Azcune

Andy Bates

Tom Emmett

Torin Francis

Yu Kao

School Development Program 

The ReForm program aims to provide not only an exhibit of site specific work, but also a number of learning pathways within the community. These include workshops open to the public and school programs. The workshops are designed with the Brisbane audience in mind; street art skills and education of historical practices are met with a practical, hands on approach to street art techniques. The school programs are focussed on the different ways in which students can produce their own versions of street art.


QUT School of Design student Collective “The Dub” will be continuing their yearly Bambuild series, with their fifth project taking on new sites at QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus. The Dub’s project team will be designing & installing a temporary bamboo pavilion that aims to both highlight the structural applications of bamboo and showcase current student work to the greater design and public communities. The Dub are interested in developing skills and interest in traditional passive construction techniques that allow for reuse of natural materials post these showcase installation.

Projects Team: The Dub’s project team, headed by Steve Szell, Marissa Lindquist and Hunter Eccleston, will be constructing again with bamboo for the latest iteration of the Bambuild. Project winners Natalia Salgues and Jason Bell will have their work “Swept Up” come to life on the lawns of QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus. Their proposal will integrate design elements from the second and third place proposals and utilise woven bamboo to produce the entrancing form of their design.

ReForm: Workshops

Reform include a number of public workshops across the 3 week festival program that will focus on developing tradition street art practices. The following workshops will be available for the public from the 11th February to the 3rd March.

– Exhibition Ready
– Paste Up
– Schools Program
– Screen Printing
– Slap Up
– Tag Bots
– Typography
– Zine Making

Presented by

Brisbane Street Art Festival and The Brisbane Collective
Supported by
QUT Creative Industries Precinct

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